The competition raging in Sim City BuildIT

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EA has announced a new update to Sim City BuildIT . Called “the support of mayors” , it will be focussing on the competition by including a ranking system and divisions. To climb the ladder, simply to accomplish goals every week to achieve within five days, such as triggering the most possible disasters, ship goods or produce specific objects. Accomplishing these goals will allow you to raise you in the rankings, but also to change rank in a division system. This will allow you to accelerate your progress, but also unlock new parks and monuments.

In addition to the assistance of mayors , players will discover other novelties Sim City BuildIT . New buildings will now be available to further customize your city and make it even more unique. Two special buildings on the theme MaxisMan , the superhero of Sim City , will also be added and will be built in order to boost the growth of the population, or to protect against crime, disease and fire. A special event will also be offered to celebrate the arrival of spring. It will give you the opportunity to build a park rabbit Easter chick and a statue park. The update is available now for Sim City BuildIT on iOS and Android .

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