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Boom Beach of the Clash-of-Clans-makers is one of the best strategy games for Android. Thus, the entry into Free2Play game easier, you can find here some useful tips, tricks and information about cheats. The latest advice is all about the Boom Beach Diamonds that your success by the”conquerors” unlocks.

Boom Beach Diamonds

Even in Boom Beach Diamonds are particularly important, as can be accelerated with you the construction of buildings and troops. As you come to the coveted premium currency, you can learn here:

Tips for Boom Beach Diamonds

  • Pay attention to the card (Archipelago), because there appear at irregular intervals chests. In it are often located several Boom Beach Diamonds. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • For dives with the submarine you can find Boom Beach Diamonds. Before the job starts, you will happily see how many Boom Beach Diamonds you after completion of the mission get.
  • On the map (archipelago) in Boom Beach now and boxes appear where there are diamonds. So keep your eyes open!
  • Conquer as many successes and POIs in Boom Beach, because that you will be rewarded with diamonds. For example, such

Unlock Boom Beach Diamonds by success

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “chain of command”

  • Improve at Boom Beach unlock the headquarters on Level 3 to 10 Boom Beach Diamonds.
  • Increase in Boom Beach unlock the headquarters at level 10 to 20 Boom Beach Diamonds.
  • For 30 Boom Beach Diamonds You need the headquarters improve on level 10th

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “war chest”

  • Improve at Boom Beach a gold stock on Level 2, unlock 10 Boom Beach Diamonds.
  • To unlock 20 Boom Beach Diamonds, you have a gold stock on Level 5 to unlock.
  • Improve at Boom Beach a gold stock on Level 10, unlock 30 Boom Beach Diamonds.

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “raw materials”

  • reap At ten Boom Beach Diamonds, you have at success “Natural raw materials” remove 5 trees and rocks.
  • It applies to 20 Boom Beach Diamonds in the success of “Natural raw materials” to remove 10 trees and rocks.
  • In order for your “Natural raw materials” comes 30 Boom Beach Diamonds at success, you need 100 trees and rocks removed

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “conquerors”

  • Thus you ten Boom Beach Diamonds are credited, you have 5 bases of the enemy destroy
  • For 20 Boom Beach Diamonds 100 enemy bases must be destroyed.
  • To earn 30 Boom Beach Diamonds, it is destroying 1,000 enemy bases.

Tips and tricks for tanks in Boom Beach

  • Tanks can plug in Boom Beach very many hits and they also have neat firepower. Unfortunately, they are relatively slow. They are therefore mainly used for the protection of units that have low health.
  • Places the tanks in Boom Beach hack ie for example before Zookas. With this boom-Beach-Tip numerous units you should survive longer.

Tips and tricks for protecting tower in Boom Beach

  • Placed the shooter tower as far back as it has a large area.
  • To hinder protecting towers and ultimately eliminate, you should attack with shock bombs the shooter tower in Boom Beach.

Tips and tricks for Abfackler in Boom Beach

  • The Abfackler is an excellent offensive unit in Boom Beach, but also a real team player. He provides much protection especially rangers as the Zookas. Positioned to best behind the tanks, so they can shoot unprotected longer.
  • The cannon of destruction in Boom Beach is a really nasty weapon. Since the Abfackler can plug quite a few things you should him feedforward chicken to turn the cannon of doom.
  • If a Abfackler in Boom Beach verge to fly in the air, you should him as far away from your place troops. If he explodes namely, it can sometimes damage your soldiers. This impending explosion of course you can use to his advantage and send him to the enemy troops shortly before an explosion.

Tips and tricks to combat units in Boom Beach

  • Protect are strong in Boom Beach especially in groups, as they can do little alone. But you you should also always stronger units to the side, so they do not end up as fast “cannon fodder”.
  • The emphasis in Boom Beach unfolds especially in combination with a Zooka its full destructive power.
  • The Zooka in Boom Beach is a particularly strong unit that can cause much damage. As the shooter should never go out alone, but are shielded from other groups, since they can withstand relatively little.
  • The warrior in Boom Beach is perfect to kill your stationary guns as rocket launchers and mortars.

helpful strategies

  • Attacks from your boat from getting out the opposing towers with torpedoes. As the torpedoes cost anything, you can keep it without hesitation!
  • The living hut in Boom Beach should you start necessarily upgrade to get gold faster.
  • Proper use of paramedics in Boom Beach can decide a battle. Pay attention when using the doctors but always ensure that they fall not too far, as they can no longer help so fast units. Unprotected they are also an easy target for enemies.
  • At the beginning you should your headquarters near your boat build, as it can defend from there easily against attackers.
  • It pays to start diamond in the headquarters to invest to build it quickly. Then your diamond should advocate to recruit soldiers faster.
  • Have you more experience points, is the best place for the headquarters in the center of the map. From there you can then build strong defenses to the headquarters.


  • As yet there are no cheat codes for Boom Beach.
  • Stay away from activities that will help you be free promised many diamonds and you need it to specify your contact information. So scammers are trying to come to your account in order to then sell it.

Do you have any more tips, tricks or actually Cheats for Boom Beach that we have forgotten? Share them with us and the community. We are happy to take them then also in the article on.

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