Super Mario Run: 11 things to know before the game is released


Super Mario Run, mobile adventure awaited the little plumber from Nintendo, released this Thursday, December 15th on iOS devices . Launching on Android will be in shifted since only take place in 2017. It will be possible to try the first few levels for free, but the principle of a freemium game, you have to pay 9.99 euros for Get the full game. was able to play the first 8 levels of Super Mario Run in advance during a session organized by Nintendo, this is what they learned.

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1: Levels resemble those of other Mario

One might think that levels come directly from other Mario games, including New Super Mario Bros. Some levels have puzzle solving, and we also faced two bosses: one at the end of each world (a world has 4 levels).

2: The game is played with a finger

In this mobile game type “runner” , Mario runs constantly and automatically jump on enemies small. The unique button of the game is used to launch on high platforms, to strike the enemies by taking flight or to make rotating jumps. Perfect for waiting times in the subway for example.

3: Still in portrait mode

Because of its “gameplay” with a finger, the game is always displayed in portrait mode, vertically, even on tablet. This may sound strange for a horizontal scrolling game, but it works pretty well.

4: the free version offers 4 levels

If you do not want to spend 9.99 euros for the full game, the free version will offer you the first world, 4 levels, and a mode to challenge your friends.

5: The complete game does not have many levels

There are 6 worlds in the mode “Worlds Tour ‘ , that is to say as much as in other Super Mario. In total, this is 24 levels, that is, less this time than in the other games of the license. That said, the other Super Mario does not cost 9.99 euros.

6: There will not be a ton of additional paid content

Fortunately, the game is not designed as a “free-to-play” , with many optional paid content. But if it turned out to be a success, we would not be surprised to see a Super Mario Run 2 disembark.

7: Each level offers three challenges for collecting bonuses

You can try to catch the five pink coins to get a special reward, then the five red coins, and finally the five black coins. You will understand, it is a variation of a well-known principle of the players of Mario: the collection of hidden stars or big coins of gold.

8: There are several playable characters

You can play Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi and others. For our part, we only played with Mario, but each character should have his own style.

9: There is a mode to challenge his friends and other players

In addition to the 24 levels of the game, Super Mario Run offers a fashion-oriented “scoring” in confronting friends and other players. It is a matter of collecting a maximum number of pieces and making figures to impress a crowd for a limited time of 60 seconds. This will allow you to unlock bonuses.Note that the levels of this mode are generated randomly, a positive point for the lifetime of the game.

10: One can customize his mushroom kingdom

There is an editor to customize and decorate the mushroom kingdom in exchange for coins. It is possible to add hills, mushrooms or rainbows for example.

11: We have been conquered

Yes, 9.99 euros for a mobile game, it is not given, but we were still conquered. Of course, do not expect a Mario like those found on 3DS or Wii U. Does the game have good value? Hard to say since we only tested 8 of the 24 levels available. In any case, it made us want to continue the game. And yes, the one-finger Mario experience works fine, very good even.

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