10 Secrets of Clash Royale


We’ve been playing Clash Royale since its launch, and more or less know all the secrets of the game. This article will tell  you 10 Secrets of Clash Royale . If you play a lot, you may already know them all but some users are starting up and want to know every corner of the game. Do not miss these 10 secrets Clash Royale, they have no waste and you’re craving discover them .

Clash Royale, discover the 10 secrets

We start with this collection of secrets Clash Royale , I hope that at least some will serve.

1- A free box every 4 hours

This is a secret, for sure you know that . But as I tell you when you talk about the chests, chests you can get 1 free every 4 hours. Although you pass out, do not worry, you can open the chests then even if they are together. But it is important to know this because I could get out the ice wizard in one of the letters . Do not underestimate ever.

2- You can put your name color

We also have in this article you can put your name color. It ‘s great to write Clash Royale colors, we can also do it in the chat . This trend begins to look a lot lately, and almost all the best have changed their name and have put in your favorite color. It looks good.

3- You can see the replays vertical

Android default the option to view replays of games it comes horizontally (it forces us to turn the phone to view), but as you have here,  from the configuration can indicate landscape = not for replays are displayed vertically . You not have to turn the phone anymore.

4- Get experience and coins clan

Already we talked to all the benefits and how to join a clan . But if you’ve just started, you should know that having a clan is very well not only to train with real users without losing trophies, but also to gain experience and coins. You can also ask for cards, and complete before your deck.

5- The chests are still a succession

The algorithm is random chests, random, because otherwise a user could receive 3 gold followed and that can not happen. The succession of chests can see it here . So you know at what point you are and what next coffer receive, I will not receive advance that although chest not jump on the list.

6- You can put large letters on Clash Royale

With this trick , you can put big letters on the chat Clash Royale cheats for gems. It has been much chats and has no waste, it’s fun.

7- The joke Clash spent Royale us all

For the April Fool’s Day Clash Royale released an update in which we saw a tower of giant skeletons (Non – stop skeletons), a mortar throwing barrels of goblins (impressive) and even a crossbow shot to the set. It was super fun.

8. Do not have to go back to get letters

Although the ice mage out on the sand 5, if you are in a higher sand quiet do not have to go back in the sand. You are more likely to tap a supermágico chest in one free, but can go in either. This question you have done us many users, so do not need to miss on purpose glasses, the letters you will like.

9. Are you in the top 200 in your country?

If you enter the game icon> Trophy> Local players> , you can see if you are in the ranking of the best players in your area. You will see until the first 200, so it is not bad. I’ve been on occasion, but now with 2,728 cups’m no longer in the ranking, I approach 3000 but costs.

10- Get easier chests with this trick

Continuing the secret number 5, we tell you that the coffers were a succession, a statistic.Well, if you’re opening chests as you receive them with gems (spending gems or some money), you will advance quickly in succession chests  and get the caskets road giant, magical or super magic rather than through cash to buy , which cost too many gems.

If you play a lot and are an expert, sure these secrets does not surprise you because ” we can not invent gunpowder .” But you can always tell anyone that you have discovered. clash royale gems hack

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