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In the hunt for the most precious gem, you will find many obstacles in your path. With our tips on King of Thieves, you will get the first steps in the mobile game and soon the coveted precious stones in your treasure chest will make you cozy.


Before you leave and your first robbery tours, it is very important to secure your own treasury. The starter set at traps, which you get at the beginning, you should reorder immediately, since the standard parcours is much too simply adjusted. In the case of trapping, it is advisable to position all of them very close to each other at narrow level passages, in order to have a difficult to overcome hurdle rather than much easier. Since you have to overcome your own parcours before you save them twice, you must not be too difficult. But keep in mind that you have an infinite number of trials for two fault-free runs. The safer your treasure chamber is, the more relaxed you can leave the secret fields and even go on a robbery.

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In the raids, you should never act too hastily, but first make a picture of the situation. Emboss the monsters and shooting intervals of the guns and try to find the right moment for spinning. Also you should first look, if the treasure chamber of the player at all worthwhile prey offers. The treasure chest always shows the maximum amount of coins you can get. Much more interesting, however, are the precious stones, which are found in the pedestals of the altars. Therefore, always look out for filled sockets! If you can not smash a little stones, you can quietly look for a small treasure chamber. Of course you should try to get a 3-star rating to the opposing chest, Because this increases the chances of 50 per cent winning a precious gem. With many attempts and sinking star rating, this chance shrinks naturally.

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To secure you new treasure chambers, you must first complete a certain number of rituals in the previous treasury. You perform rituals on altars, in which you have your precious stones, which then merge into a stone and thereby increase their value. Therefore, you should complete all rituals as soon as possible, in order to penetrate new areas with intersected treasure chambers, where you can defend your possessions better still. It is also worthwhile to empty your gold stock regularly and transfer it to your fixed account, because only then do other players have no chance to take your gold away. This, of course, immediately puts you in the process of improving your defense. Keep in mind that a defense system does not react to other players, If it just improves. Most importantly, if you do not have to put rituals in the base, your precious stones will be packed into your treasure chests, then they will be inviolable to other Spitzfinger. In this way, you can secure a place at the top of the roster. Source: Game