Brawl Stars Hack And Cheats Code Online Generator Tool

Brawl Stars Hack And Cheats Code Online Generator Tool

Welcome all again. Today, our team brings you Cheats Code Brawl Stars Cheats The Complete Guide which will give you access to a number of unlimited Gems in minutes.

Download the latest version of The Complete Code Brawl Stars Cheat Code.

Brawl Stars Code Cheats is made to run on the games install on all Android and iOS devices.
This Brawl Stars Cheats and Code Cheats Complete Guide works on Android mobile phones or tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and other iOS device.

Brawl Stars Code Cheats is straightforward to use and you will not have any problems. This Brawl Stars Cheat Guide Gomplet Tips should be used During play, no ban will occur. Do not waste your precious time and enjoy Brawl Stars with our new Complete Guide.
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More information and download find below.

Brawl Stars Game Description:

Game Features Description 

Time to fight! Form the closest team in the city and fight 3 to 3 in real time. Brawl Stars is the latest game from the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Gather your friends and get ready for an epic multiplayer slugfest! Unlock a variety of moving game modes and dozens of rough characters with SUPER punishing abilities. Take them out, blow them, hit them and win the fight in four different game modes:

– Bounty: Collect stars for your team by eliminating opponents, but be careful not to let them take off. The team with the most stars at the end of the game wins!
– Smash & Grab: Collect crystals from the center of the map, while struggling against the opposing team. The first team to collect 10 crystals and hold them wins.
– Heist: Crack the safe protected by the opposing team, or defend your valuables from future safecrackers. You have a few minutes to determine who is leaving with the loot!
– Showdown: the most popular rumble! 10 players are abandoned in an arena that slowly decreases. Can you be the last standing Brawler?

Collect coins, Elixir and Chips to upgrade and unlock your Brawlers. Join a band to share strategies and beat with other players. Spot the local and regional rankings to prove that you are the real Brawl Star!

PLEASE NOTE! Brawl Stars is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, disable purchases in the application in your device settings. In addition, under our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Cheats Features:

– Real-time 3h3 red battles against players from around the world
– Unlock new powerful Brawlers – each with a signature attack and SUPER ability!
– Four unique game modes to unlock and play
– Battle solo or with friends
– Ride to the top of the rankings in regional and local rankings
– A fast multiplayer shooter is finally available on mobile
– Form a band of Brawlers with other players To share tips and fight together
– Improve your favorite Brawlers for this critical edge
– Customize your Brawlers with unlockable skins

Brawl Cheats Code Our Guide:

Brawl Stars unlimited gems

Brawl Stars Cheats & Tips.

This Brawl Bragg Guide Guide works for all Android mobile phones or tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and other iOS devices.

How To Use Brawl Code Stars:

  • Download the Brawl Stars Codes Cheats Guide.
  • Apply the instructions explained in The Guide.
  • Start the game again.
  • Enjoy playing with amazing new features .. !!!


king of thieves cheats online

In the hunt for the most precious gem, you will find many obstacles in your path. With our tips on King of Thieves, you will get the first steps in the mobile game and soon the coveted precious stones in your treasure chest will make you cozy.


Before you leave and your first robbery tours, it is very important to secure your own treasury. The starter set at traps, which you get at the beginning, you should reorder immediately, since the standard parcours is much too simply adjusted. In the case of trapping, it is advisable to position all of them very close to each other at narrow level passages, in order to have a difficult to overcome hurdle rather than much easier. Since you have to overcome your own parcours before you save them twice, you must not be too difficult. But keep in mind that you have an infinite number of trials for two fault-free runs. The safer your treasure chamber is, the more relaxed you can leave the secret fields and even go on a robbery.

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king of thieves hack


In the raids, you should never act too hastily, but first make a picture of the situation. Emboss the monsters and shooting intervals of the guns and try to find the right moment for spinning. Also you should first look, if the treasure chamber of the player at all worthwhile prey offers. The treasure chest always shows the maximum amount of coins you can get. Much more interesting, however, are the precious stones, which are found in the pedestals of the altars. Therefore, always look out for filled sockets! If you can not smash a little stones, you can quietly look for a small treasure chamber. Of course you should try to get a 3-star rating to the opposing chest, Because this increases the chances of 50 per cent winning a precious gem. With many attempts and sinking star rating, this chance shrinks naturally.

king of thieves tips and tricks


To secure you new treasure chambers, you must first complete a certain number of rituals in the previous treasury. You perform rituals on altars, in which you have your precious stones, which then merge into a stone and thereby increase their value. Therefore, you should complete all rituals as soon as possible, in order to penetrate new areas with intersected treasure chambers, where you can defend your possessions better still. It is also worthwhile to empty your gold stock regularly and transfer it to your fixed account, because only then do other players have no chance to take your gold away. This, of course, immediately puts you in the process of improving your defense. Keep in mind that a defense system does not react to other players, If it just improves. Most importantly, if you do not have to put rituals in the base, your precious stones will be packed into your treasure chests, then they will be inviolable to other Spitzfinger. In this way, you can secure a place at the top of the roster. Source: Game

10 Secrets of Clash Royale


We’ve been playing Clash Royale since its launch, and more or less know all the secrets of the game. This article will tell  you 10 Secrets of Clash Royale . If you play a lot, you may already know them all but some users are starting up and want to know every corner of the game. Do not miss these 10 secrets Clash Royale, they have no waste and you’re craving discover them .

Clash Royale, discover the 10 secrets

We start with this collection of secrets Clash Royale , I hope that at least some will serve.

1- A free box every 4 hours

This is a secret, for sure you know that . But as I tell you when you talk about the chests, chests you can get 1 free every 4 hours. Although you pass out, do not worry, you can open the chests then even if they are together. But it is important to know this because I could get out the ice wizard in one of the letters . Do not underestimate ever.

2- You can put your name color

We also have in this article you can put your name color. It ‘s great to write Clash Royale colors, we can also do it in the chat . This trend begins to look a lot lately, and almost all the best have changed their name and have put in your favorite color. It looks good.

3- You can see the replays vertical

Android default the option to view replays of games it comes horizontally (it forces us to turn the phone to view), but as you have here,  from the configuration can indicate landscape = not for replays are displayed vertically . You not have to turn the phone anymore.

4- Get experience and coins clan

Already we talked to all the benefits and how to join a clan . But if you’ve just started, you should know that having a clan is very well not only to train with real users without losing trophies, but also to gain experience and coins. You can also ask for cards, and complete before your deck.

5- The chests are still a succession

The algorithm is random chests, random, because otherwise a user could receive 3 gold followed and that can not happen. The succession of chests can see it here . So you know at what point you are and what next coffer receive, I will not receive advance that although chest not jump on the list.

6- You can put large letters on Clash Royale

With this trick , you can put big letters on the chat Clash Royale cheats for gems. It has been much chats and has no waste, it’s fun.

7- The joke Clash spent Royale us all

For the April Fool’s Day Clash Royale released an update in which we saw a tower of giant skeletons (Non – stop skeletons), a mortar throwing barrels of goblins (impressive) and even a crossbow shot to the set. It was super fun.

8. Do not have to go back to get letters

Although the ice mage out on the sand 5, if you are in a higher sand quiet do not have to go back in the sand. You are more likely to tap a supermágico chest in one free, but can go in either. This question you have done us many users, so do not need to miss on purpose glasses, the letters you will like.

9. Are you in the top 200 in your country?

If you enter the game icon> Trophy> Local players> , you can see if you are in the ranking of the best players in your area. You will see until the first 200, so it is not bad. I’ve been on occasion, but now with 2,728 cups’m no longer in the ranking, I approach 3000 but costs.

10- Get easier chests with this trick

Continuing the secret number 5, we tell you that the coffers were a succession, a statistic.Well, if you’re opening chests as you receive them with gems (spending gems or some money), you will advance quickly in succession chests  and get the caskets road giant, magical or super magic rather than through cash to buy , which cost too many gems.

If you play a lot and are an expert, sure these secrets does not surprise you because ” we can not invent gunpowder .” But you can always tell anyone that you have discovered. clash royale gems hack

Super Mario Run: 11 things to know before the game is released


Super Mario Run, mobile adventure awaited the little plumber from Nintendo, released this Thursday, December 15th on iOS devices . Launching on Android will be in shifted since only take place in 2017. It will be possible to try the first few levels for free, but the principle of a freemium game, you have to pay 9.99 euros for Get the full game. was able to play the first 8 levels of Super Mario Run in advance during a session organized by Nintendo, this is what they learned.

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1: Levels resemble those of other Mario

One might think that levels come directly from other Mario games, including New Super Mario Bros. Some levels have puzzle solving, and we also faced two bosses: one at the end of each world (a world has 4 levels).

2: The game is played with a finger

In this mobile game type “runner” , Mario runs constantly and automatically jump on enemies small. The unique button of the game is used to launch on high platforms, to strike the enemies by taking flight or to make rotating jumps. Perfect for waiting times in the subway for example.

3: Still in portrait mode

Because of its “gameplay” with a finger, the game is always displayed in portrait mode, vertically, even on tablet. This may sound strange for a horizontal scrolling game, but it works pretty well.

4: the free version offers 4 levels

If you do not want to spend 9.99 euros for the full game, the free version will offer you the first world, 4 levels, and a mode to challenge your friends.

5: The complete game does not have many levels

There are 6 worlds in the mode “Worlds Tour ‘ , that is to say as much as in other Super Mario. In total, this is 24 levels, that is, less this time than in the other games of the license. That said, the other Super Mario does not cost 9.99 euros.

6: There will not be a ton of additional paid content

Fortunately, the game is not designed as a “free-to-play” , with many optional paid content. But if it turned out to be a success, we would not be surprised to see a Super Mario Run 2 disembark.

7: Each level offers three challenges for collecting bonuses

You can try to catch the five pink coins to get a special reward, then the five red coins, and finally the five black coins. You will understand, it is a variation of a well-known principle of the players of Mario: the collection of hidden stars or big coins of gold.

8: There are several playable characters

You can play Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi and others. For our part, we only played with Mario, but each character should have his own style.

9: There is a mode to challenge his friends and other players

In addition to the 24 levels of the game, Super Mario Run offers a fashion-oriented “scoring” in confronting friends and other players. It is a matter of collecting a maximum number of pieces and making figures to impress a crowd for a limited time of 60 seconds. This will allow you to unlock bonuses.Note that the levels of this mode are generated randomly, a positive point for the lifetime of the game.

10: One can customize his mushroom kingdom

There is an editor to customize and decorate the mushroom kingdom in exchange for coins. It is possible to add hills, mushrooms or rainbows for example.

11: We have been conquered

Yes, 9.99 euros for a mobile game, it is not given, but we were still conquered. Of course, do not expect a Mario like those found on 3DS or Wii U. Does the game have good value? Hard to say since we only tested 8 of the 24 levels available. In any case, it made us want to continue the game. And yes, the one-finger Mario experience works fine, very good even.


FIFA 17: HOW TO GET UNLIMITED FREE COINS AND POINTS ON FIFA 17 Mobile Soccer. this will be our new topic for discussion. After gaining huge success of fifa 16 now its next version arrived with even more powerful features. So this game become more tougher to play too. Obtaining Coins and Points become not that easy and if you go via in-app purchases you must spend a lot of money. So for resolution we created our latest coin generator online app. Use it now.!!

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Moviestar Planet Hack Online Generator for free Starcoins and Diamonds

Moviestar Planet Hack Online Generator for free Starcoins and Diamonds is a generator which will give you  unlimited amount of guaranteed starcoins and diamonds including free VIP for 6 months tenure. This moviestar planet hack will work on your android and iOS devices without any hassle. So what are you waiting for , use our hack now : Moviestar Planet VIP cheats – MSP cheats

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All the tricks for Pokémon Go

By Pokéstop catch, here’s how to excel in the game of the moment.

The fever Pokémon GO is now playing and it’s time to see a few tricks that will make the most immersive experience and will help you find more and more monsters.

pokemon go tips1

When it in the capture screen, the Pokemon will have a circle around him that narrows .

The Pokeball be launched when the circle becomes smaller because it indicates that the Pokémon is most vulnerable. In addition, the colors of the circles indicate the strength of monsters, if weak green, yellow if it is medium and red if it is strong. check out here on how to get free pokecoins and pokeballs

pokemon go tips2

It’s easy to find the Pokémon on the map, just be careful to movements in the grass while a legend at the bottom right shows those not yet caught.

The legend at the bottom right also shows the distance from Pokémon: a paw are about 20 meters, 100 meters two-legged, three-legged one kilometer.

pokemon go tips4

Duplicates can be sent to Professor Willow which in return will give us some candy Pokémon that can be used to grow the same species.

Simply go to the Pokémon card that we want to exchange and scroll down to ” transfer .”

And if you are really tired of duplication try to go out at night so it will be easier to find the nocturnal Pokémon .

If you can not move, you can try to attract monsters to you with incense . Just click on the ball in the bottom of the screen, but remember that the duration is fixed and is valid even if we are offline, so use them with here to know on how to get free pokecoins and pokeballs .

pokemon go tips5

Another key trick: to easily capture the most difficult Pokemon go cheats: turn off augmented reality .

The graphic effect is uglier, but the monster will remain on helping central screen in the capture.

To level up faster, try to visit more Pokéstop possible  and remember that you reactivate, so you can come back often.

The resume time seems more linked to the distance traveled since the last visit by time spent so you will need to walk quite a bit ‘.

In Pokéstop we can also obtain eggs: simply place them in the incubator to make them open up and the time of hatching depends on the distance traveled. click here on how to get free pokecoins and pokeballs .

pokemongo tips6

There are eggs that hatch after traveling a few kilometers, and others that require 10.

Eye that the distance is calculated going to walk or cycle and only if the app is open. Go in the car does not count, then, again, you’ll have to trek a lot ‘.

Not all Pokéstop are equal. The provision is determined by Google Maps and there are more in the city than the suburbs , as well as at points of interest like monuments, churches, statues and public buildings.

Arrived at the fifth level you will get experience fighting in gyms .Here you will also star dust but remember that you also lose experience points. Try the fighting so only when you feel confident.

unlock cheats, tips, tricks, tactics and diamonds: Boom Beach

boom beach

Boom Beach of the Clash-of-Clans-makers is one of the best strategy games for Android. Thus, the entry into Free2Play game easier, you can find here some useful tips, tricks and information about cheats. The latest advice is all about the Boom Beach Diamonds that your success by the”conquerors” unlocks.

Boom Beach Diamonds

Even in Boom Beach Diamonds are particularly important, as can be accelerated with you the construction of buildings and troops. As you come to the coveted premium currency, you can learn here:

Tips for Boom Beach Diamonds

  • Pay attention to the card (Archipelago), because there appear at irregular intervals chests. In it are often located several Boom Beach Diamonds. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • For dives with the submarine you can find Boom Beach Diamonds. Before the job starts, you will happily see how many Boom Beach Diamonds you after completion of the mission get.
  • On the map (archipelago) in Boom Beach now and boxes appear where there are diamonds. So keep your eyes open!
  • Conquer as many successes and POIs in Boom Beach, because that you will be rewarded with diamonds. For example, such

Unlock Boom Beach Diamonds by success

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “chain of command”

  • Improve at Boom Beach unlock the headquarters on Level 3 to 10 Boom Beach Diamonds.
  • Increase in Boom Beach unlock the headquarters at level 10 to 20 Boom Beach Diamonds.
  • For 30 Boom Beach Diamonds You need the headquarters improve on level 10th

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “war chest”

  • Improve at Boom Beach a gold stock on Level 2, unlock 10 Boom Beach Diamonds.
  • To unlock 20 Boom Beach Diamonds, you have a gold stock on Level 5 to unlock.
  • Improve at Boom Beach a gold stock on Level 10, unlock 30 Boom Beach Diamonds.

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “raw materials”

  • reap At ten Boom Beach Diamonds, you have at success “Natural raw materials” remove 5 trees and rocks.
  • It applies to 20 Boom Beach Diamonds in the success of “Natural raw materials” to remove 10 trees and rocks.
  • In order for your “Natural raw materials” comes 30 Boom Beach Diamonds at success, you need 100 trees and rocks removed

Boom Beach Diamonds: success “conquerors”

  • Thus you ten Boom Beach Diamonds are credited, you have 5 bases of the enemy destroy
  • For 20 Boom Beach Diamonds 100 enemy bases must be destroyed.
  • To earn 30 Boom Beach Diamonds, it is destroying 1,000 enemy bases.

Tips and tricks for tanks in Boom Beach

  • Tanks can plug in Boom Beach very many hits and they also have neat firepower. Unfortunately, they are relatively slow. They are therefore mainly used for the protection of units that have low health.
  • Places the tanks in Boom Beach hack ie for example before Zookas. With this boom-Beach-Tip numerous units you should survive longer.

Tips and tricks for protecting tower in Boom Beach

  • Placed the shooter tower as far back as it has a large area.
  • To hinder protecting towers and ultimately eliminate, you should attack with shock bombs the shooter tower in Boom Beach.

Tips and tricks for Abfackler in Boom Beach

  • The Abfackler is an excellent offensive unit in Boom Beach, but also a real team player. He provides much protection especially rangers as the Zookas. Positioned to best behind the tanks, so they can shoot unprotected longer.
  • The cannon of destruction in Boom Beach is a really nasty weapon. Since the Abfackler can plug quite a few things you should him feedforward chicken to turn the cannon of doom.
  • If a Abfackler in Boom Beach verge to fly in the air, you should him as far away from your place troops. If he explodes namely, it can sometimes damage your soldiers. This impending explosion of course you can use to his advantage and send him to the enemy troops shortly before an explosion.

Tips and tricks to combat units in Boom Beach

  • Protect are strong in Boom Beach especially in groups, as they can do little alone. But you you should also always stronger units to the side, so they do not end up as fast “cannon fodder”.
  • The emphasis in Boom Beach unfolds especially in combination with a Zooka its full destructive power.
  • The Zooka in Boom Beach is a particularly strong unit that can cause much damage. As the shooter should never go out alone, but are shielded from other groups, since they can withstand relatively little.
  • The warrior in Boom Beach is perfect to kill your stationary guns as rocket launchers and mortars.

helpful strategies

  • Attacks from your boat from getting out the opposing towers with torpedoes. As the torpedoes cost anything, you can keep it without hesitation!
  • The living hut in Boom Beach should you start necessarily upgrade to get gold faster.
  • Proper use of paramedics in Boom Beach can decide a battle. Pay attention when using the doctors but always ensure that they fall not too far, as they can no longer help so fast units. Unprotected they are also an easy target for enemies.
  • At the beginning you should your headquarters near your boat build, as it can defend from there easily against attackers.
  • It pays to start diamond in the headquarters to invest to build it quickly. Then your diamond should advocate to recruit soldiers faster.
  • Have you more experience points, is the best place for the headquarters in the center of the map. From there you can then build strong defenses to the headquarters.


  • As yet there are no cheat codes for Boom Beach.
  • Stay away from activities that will help you be free promised many diamonds and you need it to specify your contact information. So scammers are trying to come to your account in order to then sell it.

Do you have any more tips, tricks or actually Cheats for Boom Beach that we have forgotten? Share them with us and the community. We are happy to take them then also in the article on.

Tricks to win free coins and play infinite in 8 Ball Pool

The most popular game of Pool mobile 8 Ball Pool undoubtedly makes us have a good time distracting when you have time to relax, but often the coins we have to challenge at different tables are insufficient.

That is why we ‘ll show you some tricks to apply in 8 Balls Pool you can earn a lot of money, without going anyfurther I managed to get over 100 thousand in a couple of tables and explain how you achieved.

You can check out this only working 8 ball pool coin hack tool to get free coins in your game account.

While usually start with an associated Facebook account, it is not possible to apply some tricks but if it will help us to face rivals a high level as we go we take our experience at different tables, so have a great experience in as we will play a lot for the next step where we can get many coins. Remember if you can get your free coins 25 coins, a roll to the daily tombola, watch advertising videos in exchange for coins or install other apps with which currency you restart invite friends so well.

The trick about the guest account , as this starts at a level of 0, your first tutorial will make up 1 and then seek a rival (You can go back and undersides start playing at a table of 25 plays in the bet 100, and your user camouflaged a better level you will face novice at these tables with which you can easily beat them. Get more than 500 coins and bet on the table 500 to win 1000. I advise gather 2500 and no play bettinglo all, because it may leave some top rival, but the system regularly seeks similar level users, so almost always be playing with newbies. Achieves gather 10 thousand, and start betting on these tables, usually you will already be at 6-7 level if you have done well by winning over 90% of the tables, which is not difficult. When you’re on a level 9 approx. try your luck and play table 50k, it is where much money is earned but beware, there are many high – level users can be better than you, I played and won. Play when you have enough money to bettinglo all appear similar to your level rivals, practically with less money than you if you have done well.

But, what happens when you have won a lot of money and then begin to lose everything, you have no coins to bet?

The answer is to start a new guest account 0 and repeat the process, but increasingly insurance have more experience and coins by winning easier, go buy the most expensive tacos, packs phrases, etc. to feel superior and have greater confidence in the game. Whenever you play a novice to get their coins.

Codes de carte gratuits PlayStation Network, gratuit code psn. Tous les codes sont uniques et peuvent être échangés immédiatement après avoir effectué quelques étapes faciles.

To start a new guest account on Android you must go to:

Settings> Applications> 8 Ball Pool> Storage> Clear Data

So you will erase local application data and log back in to the game will see you can start a new guest account, from scratch. Your account associated with Facebook, Google+ or Miniclip remain intact.

Tips for your photos Instagram to gain “likes”

So far, Instagram allows only managing a single account from your application, and that can be a problem if in addition to your personal account you manage your business also, for example. There are a number of applications that allow you to manage multiple accounts, but are limited to see the timeline and comment or give photos I like not to publish these. This can be solved by creating different user profiles in Android, which allows Lollipop, but if you do not have this latest version, Instwogram can be a good solution . It is a clone of Instagram, completely identical , but will allow access from a different account you have configured on the official application. You can find Instwogram in the XDA Developers forums .

The human being is a visual creature: 80% of the information received by the brain comes through the eyes . That explains the enormous power of the image in us, and that is precisely one of the reasons why photography and film have succeeded in the way that they have. That, coupled with an egocentric and exhibitionist spark that we all have risen to Instagram to be one of the most important social networks inthe world.

The use of the application is really simple and intuitive, yet there are a number of options available that many people do not know they are available, here a series of tricks to Instagram to help you succeed in which Robert Capa photograph.

Beyond the filters

Complete edition photography

When using Instagram, many users go directly to your cat to apply the filter to find more hipster and willshoot for the net, but the application has a much more complete editor which many people ignore the existence. When editing the picture, if we press on the icon wrench that is on the filters on the right side, toccederemos to a second menu where you can edit the slope of the picture , brightness, contrast, warmth or saturation, add a vignetting effect or unfocused.

Instagram Direct

If Instagram can be described as the Twitter of the photos, this option would be equivalent to direct messages , and you can access it through the tray icon is in the top bar of the timeline, next to the logo.Clicking on the plus symbol, we can make a photo, edit it and send it to the people we choose. If you have a friend runner that continues to send photos of their triathlons and training and you feel bad block because you will see every day, Instagram Direct gives you the option to ignore your photos. To do this just access the settings of the photo and press on that option.

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Edit and share after publishing photo

Sometimes share a photo and just give the “send” button you see it you think of a better comment or see that you forgot to share on Facebook. Do not despair, you do not delete the photo and turn it up losing that Like you’ve had and that feeds your ego. Simply press the Options button photo, the three squares that are to the right of the screen next to the corazoncito the like and button to comment. Then the option to share on – screen, to edit the comment, to delete or copy the URL, this allows you to paste into link, for example in email or WhatsApp to send it to a friend.

Videos: disable the preloaded

Instagram joined the world of micro-video competition to fight Vine and gave him some extra network vidilla, but also brings some mishap. By default, Instagram preload videos when you click Refresh on your timeline, even when you’re with mobile network. This can speed up the use of the social network, but alsocan be a blow to your data rate . To disable it , just go to settings (from your profile, the three squares that are to the right of your name, down to videos and there choose “preloading only Wi-Fi.” This will save so a lot of megas that will help you reach the end of the month.

Use the filters unpublished photo

A trick some rock, but useful. If you’re a fan of the filters (hipsters are also people) and want to apply one to a photograph that-whatever -you do not want published, you just have to turn on airplane mode and then proceed as normal and give publish the photograph. The application will tell you that there has been an error and can not publish, but the vintage photograph will be in your gallery.

photographic tricks

Use your regular camera

Instagram lets you take photos from within the application, but it is extremely advisable to use the application you use the application you usually use to take pictures, whether that comes with the phone, the Chamber of Google or any of the many options you have in Play Store. The main reason is that, to begin with , have saved the original unretouched photograph in your gallery . This is critical in case they want to use that photo again with different touches, to hold it in the highest possible quality and with a format other than the usual square Instagram. Always keep the original photograph is something they teach you in the first photography class. In addition, most camera applications have more options than Instagram, such as HDR or select and focus light from different parts of the image.

now you can view private instagram profiles very easily too. just click on the link.

Play with focus

It is difficult to achieve a bokeh effect  with a mobile, but still can play efficiently with focus, especially if what you want is a picture of a nearby object, like that sausage sandwich that you will be labeled as #Foodporn . If the camera close enough to the object and focus, background out of focus , so that focus the viewer’s attention on the chosen object and making it visually more attractive picture. In addition, there are applications that can help you achieve or enhance this effect, as Afer Focus .

Use the flash only when necessary

The camera flash can be a great tool, but also completely changes the atmosphere of a scene to completely alter the lighting. Generally, you should avoid using them , but we must not defenestrarlo completely because there are times which can be a great help. For example, if you want to take a picture of the sunset, oc ny backlight in general, the flash you can help the foreground objects are distinguishable and not a simple silhouette though photography silhouetted can also be very llamativa- . On the other hand, if the atmosphere is indifferent to you and what you want to highlight an object in the foreground, the flash can also help you because it will highlight the object and darken the background, creating a very mixed picture. If the image is too cold you, you can always turn to a publisher, as the same Instagram- to climb the warmth.

The sky is your friend

You’re doing a photo to a landscape in which there is a significant contrast of light where I tell the phone that gauge light to adequately capture the atmosphere? In these cases , a good resource is resorting to heaven, measures light in the highest and most likely is that the resulting picture is reasonably suits what you’re watching . Something similar applies to the pictures with reflections, if you want tocapture an image of an object reflected in a lake, for example, you must tell the phone that measures light in the water to capture the reflection photo to perfection.

Applications and accessories are a great tool

Google Play offers a huge variety of applications that let you apply all kinds of fancy stuff to your photos beyond a simple filter. In addition, it also is highly recommended to use more complete applicationsthat Instagram editor before uploading photos, like Snapseed or Aviary, who will perform with your picture a better job than social network. Moreover, in the market we can find dozens of accessories for your camera phone, from cases to protect your phone from water to lenses that provide a good zoom or wide angle through tripods allow you to have the camera steady during an exhibition long. A world of possibilities serving the likes on Instagram.

external Apps

You may have a great picture but its composition does not get along with the square format Instagram . This application will solve the mess allowing you to add white – or black edges to fit better with the background of Instagram- or any color for your image fits perfectly with the 16: 9 format in the grid that characterizes the gallery more used in the world, in addition to making collages with different photos. This application also includes a very similar Instagram editor and a series of filters. It allows both export your photo to the gallery and publish it directly from her.


So far, Instagram allows only managing a single account from your application, and that can be a problem if in addition to your personal account you manage your business also, for example. There are a number of applications that allow you to manage multiple accounts, but are limited to see the timeline and comment or give photos I like not to publish these. This can be solved by creating different user profiles in Android, which allows Lollipop, but if you do not have this latest version,  Instwogram can be a good solution . It is a clone of Instagram, completely identical , but will allow access from a different account you have configured on the official application. You can find Instwogram in the XDA Developers forums .