All the tricks for Pokémon Go

By Pokéstop catch, here’s how to excel in the game of the moment.

The fever Pokémon GO is now playing and it’s time to see a few tricks that will make the most immersive experience and will help you find more and more monsters.

pokemon go tips1

When it in the capture screen, the Pokemon will have a circle around him that narrows .

The Pokeball be launched when the circle becomes smaller because it indicates that the Pokémon is most vulnerable. In addition, the colors of the circles indicate the strength of monsters, if weak green, yellow if it is medium and red if it is strong. check out here on how to get free pokecoins and pokeballs

pokemon go tips2

It’s easy to find the Pokémon on the map, just be careful to movements in the grass while a legend at the bottom right shows those not yet caught.

The legend at the bottom right also shows the distance from Pokémon: a paw are about 20 meters, 100 meters two-legged, three-legged one kilometer.

pokemon go tips4

Duplicates can be sent to Professor Willow which in return will give us some candy Pokémon that can be used to grow the same species.

Simply go to the Pokémon card that we want to exchange and scroll down to ” transfer .”

And if you are really tired of duplication try to go out at night so it will be easier to find the nocturnal Pokémon .

If you can not move, you can try to attract monsters to you with incense . Just click on the ball in the bottom of the screen, but remember that the duration is fixed and is valid even if we are offline, so use them with here to know on how to get free pokecoins and pokeballs .

pokemon go tips5

Another key trick: to easily capture the most difficult Pokemon go cheats: turn off augmented reality .

The graphic effect is uglier, but the monster will remain on helping central screen in the capture.

To level up faster, try to visit more Pokéstop possible  and remember that you reactivate, so you can come back often.

The resume time seems more linked to the distance traveled since the last visit by time spent so you will need to walk quite a bit ‘.

In Pokéstop we can also obtain eggs: simply place them in the incubator to make them open up and the time of hatching depends on the distance traveled. click here on how to get free pokecoins and pokeballs .

pokemongo tips6

There are eggs that hatch after traveling a few kilometers, and others that require 10.

Eye that the distance is calculated going to walk or cycle and only if the app is open. Go in the car does not count, then, again, you’ll have to trek a lot ‘.

Not all Pokéstop are equal. The provision is determined by Google Maps and there are more in the city than the suburbs , as well as at points of interest like monuments, churches, statues and public buildings.

Arrived at the fifth level you will get experience fighting in gyms .Here you will also star dust but remember that you also lose experience points. Try the fighting so only when you feel confident.